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About the Makarov Training centre



The Makarov Training Centre (at that time — part of the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy) started its activities in 1995, and since then continues its active development, responding rapidly to legislative and technological innovations, updating training programmes and developing new courses. Important role in the Centre’s activity is played by the Branches in Murmansk (since 2011), Arkhangelsk (2015), where professionals for development of the Northern Sea Route and Arctic Region are trained and (since 2017) in Moscow.

The Centre provides theoretical, simulator and practical training for the sector professionals as well as for students and cadets. The Centre has more than 40 different simulators and over 150 training programmes developed.

In recent years the Makarov Training centre and its department at regional Branches provided training for 150 trainees (in 1996) up to 15 thousand people annually, and in 2016 this figure approached 20 thousand. Demand for the courses results from high qualifications of trainers, use of modern simulators, advance technology and regular development of new training programmes.