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About the Institute


The Professional Development Programmes Institute (PDP Institute) was founded with the order of the Rector of Admiral Makarov SUMIS in March 2015 based on the Centre for Professional Development acting at that time. The Institute Regulation was approved by the order 381 of 03.04.2015.

PDP Institute is a structural part of the FSBEI HI «ADMIRAL MAKAROV SUMIS». The Institute has 6 Training Centres in St. Petersburg and divisions at Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Petrozavodsk Branches of the University.

Classes at the Institute are given not only by the University lecturers but also by specialists from other educational and scientific institutions, qualified professionals from profile enterprises, state and municipal authorities as well as the Institute staff instructors.

Структура ИДПО с УД ДПО инженеров (ENG)

The Institute operates in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation on Education, the University Charter, academic decisions of the University, and local legislation. Working training programmes comply with approved model programmes and are built with account of model courses of the International Maritime Organisation. They also correspond to other recognized standards.

Courses at the Institute are delivered under the license for training and education, the approval by the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, compliance certificates from the RF Agency of Maritime and Inland Shipping, approvals from leading Classification Societies and accreditations by international organisations.

Main activities and objectives of the PDP Institute

In accordance with the University’s license, the PDP Institute delivers additional professional training for crew members of marine vessels and rivercraft, specialists of inland water transport, onshore staffs, emergency and oil spill response personnel, operators and engineers of vessel traffic control system, sea and river pilots, ship and port facility security specialists, maritime industry and oil-and-gas extraction industry professionals, including offshore operations.


Training is also offered for hydraulic engineers, shipbuilders, environmental safety experts, engine installation, commissioning, start-up, operation and maintenance engineers, crews of sport vessels, pleasure crafts, cadets and students, simulator training instructors and lecturers of profile educational institutions.

There are also courses for professional development, certificate obtaining and revalidation, learning new jobs, new navigation areas and vessel types, equipment and technical facilities to comply with current codes, standards and norms. Simulator based and practical courses allow to solidify theoretical learning on practice.

Specialists of the Institute perform research work, develop learning programmes and guidance manuals.

In cooperation with interested agencies and organisations the PDP Institute participates in drafting national qualification standards, performance specifications for dedicated training equipment and training centres, as well as in preparation of draft model programmes and regulatory documents.

The PDP Institute performs test management and trial runs of custom training simulators and simulator devices under implementation, as well as domestic and imported shipboard and shore based equipment. Specialists of the Institute provide consulting, scientific investigation of programmes, projects, recommendations and other relevant documents and materials, take part in investigation of maritime accidents to provide recommendations for navigators, sea pilots, operators of vessel traffic control systems.

Educational process organisation

Training in the Institute is conducted in classroom or online, within terms required by learning programmes. All the courses are available in Russian. Some courses are provided in English. Classes in other languages could be provided on request.

Part of the courses are run at scheduled time, while some are provided when training groups are formed or upon request from companies.

If required, the attendees are issued with a certificate confirming training attendance period. Participants having fulfilled all training plan requirements are admitted to end-of-course assessment (if training programme requires), and depending on results are issued with a duly executed standard document:

  •  Professional advancement certificate.
  •  Diploma of professional retraining.
  •  Certificate confirming attendance of professional training course.
  •  Certificate (Record) confirming successful training and assessment of knowledge and skills to qualify for grade, position or against training programme requirements.

The Institute organizes and runs training workshops, scientific and technical conferences with subsequent issue of participation certificates.

Commitment to Quality Policy

The Institute operates specialists training in compliance with the University Quality Policy. This implies quality of services provided, qualification of the Institute personnel, conformance to requirements of external and internal regulatory documents, regular update of training programmes, continuous improvement of methods and tools used by the Institute for training and assessment.

The Institute develops and pursues development strategy defining strategic vision of the Institute, setting objectives and targets, and forms 5-year strategy implementation plan.


Core Development Objectives for 2016-2020:

  • Implementation of Vision statement – ‘Admiral Makarov SUMIS is a Russian Federation intellectual leader in maritime and inland shipping transport industry in Professional Development Services by 2020’
  • Leadership in development and implementation of knowledge intensive trainings and new training formats (e-learning, distance learning systems)
  • Providing PDP courses with highly qualified staff
  • Growth of hourly rates for PDP course trainers to secure competitive position.
  • Improvement of training quality through growth of management efficiency and resource availability for professional development programmes (training aids, procedural guidelines)
  • Doubling SUMIS revenues from Professional Development Programmes by 2020
  • Training profitability growth by 20% in 5 years


Collegiate authority of the PDP Institute is Academic Council of the Institute. Direct management of the Institute is performed by the Director.

Academic Council of the Institute consists of Deputy Directors and structural units Heads as well as heads or representatives of departments and divisions providing paid educational services. The Council within the Institute forms policy in paid educational services, approves development plans of the Institute, reviews draft local regulations related to organization of paid educational services.

Director of PDP Institute
Cand. Sc. (Tech.)
Sergey Aysinov

1 Deputy Director
Yuri G. Guriev

Deputy Director
Olga V. Mozgovaya

Heads of Divisions


Head of Makarov Training Centre
Cand. Sc. (Tech.)
Sergey Aysinov


Head of Inland Shipping PDP Training Centre
Cand. Sc. (Tech.), Servey V. Spiryakov



Head of Deck officers PDP Training Centre
Associate Prof.
Vladimir A. Stepanov


Head of Ship Engineers and Electro-Technical Officers PDP Training Centre, Head of Arctic Maritime Competences Centre — Associate Prof.
Yuri G. Guriev

Head of  Engineers PDP Training Centre

Heads of PDP Centres at the University branches


Head of Murmansk Branch of the University
Roman B. Ryabchenko


Head of Regional PDP Centre in Arkhangelsk Branch of the University
Nikolay V. Rushakov


Head of Regional PDP Centre in Petrozavodsk Branch of the University
Aleksander V. Vasilyev

Approvals, Certification, Accreditation