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The Maritime TC is the only Russian training centre internationally accredited for DP operator training. It is also one of the few in the world having actual DP equipment from several leading manufacturers. To meet growing demand from industry, the Maritime Training Centre of Admiral Makarov SUMIS acquired in 2016 new Kongsberg (K-POS) simulator – C Class. The simulator is intended for training and assessment of crew members of ships with DP Systems. Training with this type of equipment allows seafarers to learn operational specifics before leaving shore and practice skills in operation of Kongsberg simulator and its maintenance.


Practical training is conducted with use of navigation simulators (NAVIS NavDP 400 – B Class, and KONGSBERG (K-Pos) – C Class) as well as in traditional manner using actual equipment – NAVIS stands. Here NAVIS maintenance engineers provide training on diagnostic troubleshooting.

The courses are authorised by NAVIS, manufacturer of maneuvering control systems.

DP Maintenance Course

DP maintenance1 navis-ob2

Course duration: 5 days (40 hrs)

Base cost: RUR 74 300 — 83 600 («DP NAV   4000»: 85 600 — 79 100) , USD 1490 — 1675 («DP NAV   4000» : 1715 — 1585), EUR 1355 — 1520 («DP NAV   4000» : 1560 — 1440).

Register for the course: tel. +7 (812) 444 42 88 , +7 (999) 037 39 83.
or e-mail to: anechaev@mtc.spb.su

Course supervisor:
Andrey V. Nechaev, Тел: +7 (812) 444 42 88.


Target group: engineers and electrical engineers working on board DP ships.

Entry requirements:

passport and Certificate of Competency (seagoing service as an engineer or electrical engineer).

No experience of work on board DP ship is required.

Course outline: course is non-conventional.

The objective of the course is to prepare specialists for DP maintenance and to ensure compliance with Companies’ requirement to have on board an engineer who has completed a «DP maintenance course» (STCW Code, IMCA M117, 182 MSF).

Training includes:

  • training on live equipment NAV DP 4000 and exercises on a Transas simulator (bridge + DP) in real time mode of a DP operation with visualization of systems’ failures;
  • familiarization with basic principles of K-POS 32 operation and the use of interface of Kongsberg simulator.

During the course participants are familiarized with DP equipment, its functioning, maintenance and trouble shooting.

Classes are conducted by the university lecturers and experienced employees of the «NAVIS» Ltd.

On completion of the course ship specialists will be able to:

  1. Ensure safe functioning of a DP ship during technological operations and DP preparedness for safe operation at any other time.
  2. Timely and efficiently respond to equipment malfunctions and failures which can result in DP incidents and restore the safe condition of a ship.
  3. Ensure safe work of the engine room department during DP operations.


On successful completion of the course the participants are issued with the Certificate by the Maritime Training Center of the Admiral Makarov SUMIS and  IMCA registered Logbook.

Additional requirements – none.

Document on completion
Upon successful completion of the course the participants are issued with the certificate by the Maritime Training Centre of Admiral MAKAROV SUMIS.
Certificate 1 Certificate 2

The courses are run as group enrolments are complete. For complete groups the courses run second and every other week of the month. Course schedule can be adapted to customer convenience.

Training language and mode: Language – English, mode – intramural, fulltime .

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