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Admiral Makarov SUMIS became the world’s first internationally recognised educational institution for crews training on Polar Code.

ClassNK issued the University with certificates of accreditation of Basic and Advanced courses for crews of ships operating in polar waters. 23.09.2019 The Nautical Institute issued the certificates of accreditation of Basic and Advanced courses for ships operating in polar waters.

The courses are certified by the Administration of the Marshall Islands.
Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has delegated authority of recognized organization to Federal State-Financed Educational Institution of Higher Education «Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping» for training of crew members for ships operating in polar waters.

Advanced training for ships operating in polar waters in accordance with paragraph 2 Section А-V/4 of STCW Code ( paragraph 4.3 Regulation V/4, STCW Convention)


Course duration: 5 days (40 hrs).

Base cost: USD 1110, EUR 1000.
Special rates are offered to certain participant categories (the University students, postgraduate students and graduates, loyalty card holders).

Register for the course: tel. +7 (812) 444 00 04, +7 (999) 009-87-35
or e-mail to: anechaev@mtc.spb.su

Course supervisor:
Andrey V. Nechaev


Target audience: Masters and Chief officers with certain knowledge and experience of ice navigation in a position of Chief officer and above, and holding certificate of basic training for ships operating in polar waters

Entry requirements: Certificate, experience in ice navigation in position of Chief officer and above confirmed by certificate of seagoing service, certificate of basic training for ships operating in polar waters

Course outline

Theoretical and practical training of Masters and Chief officers for ships operation in polar waters to ensure maritime safety, safe and expedient routeing, efficient use of transport carrier for quality and on-time cargo delivery.

Participants’ training in compliance with transportation technology and goods handling in polar conditions.

Training on technically safe operation of shipboard equipment in ice navigation.

Training on personnel health and safety at below zero temperatures, and crew rescue at emergency.

One of the topics is polar nature preservation and environmental safety.

Training is conducted in accordance with existing maritime conventions (STCW, MARPOL, SOLAS), International Code for ships operating in polar waters and Guidance for ships operating in polar waters.

Additional requirements to participants – none.

Document on completion
Upon successful completion of the course the participants are issued with the certificate by the Maritime Training Centre of Admiral MAKAROV SUMIS.

Venue: St. Petersburg, Moskovskoye Shosse, 44 (Krylov State Research Centre). Zvezdnaya metro station is walking distance.

Calendar: As group enrolments are complete.

Training language and mode: Language – Russian/English, mode – intramural, full time

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