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Deck officers PDP Training Centre Course Schedule


  • Master (Regulation II/2)
  • Chief officer (Regulation II/2)
  • Training of marine ship crew after prolonged break in service (Regulation I/1)
  • Training of skippers with naval education

Study mode: Intramural.

Daily load: 8-10 hours.


Courses are conducted at St.Petrersburg (Russia), 6 Mezhevoy kanal (4 flour, Deck officers PDP Training Centre). Start time is 9.30, 414 room. Please register by phone +(812) 444-05-22, +7 (812) 444-03-33 or online http://prof.gumrf.ru/zapis-na-kursy/

  • «Training of captains» (Rule II / 2),
  • «Training of senior assistants to the captain» (Rule II / 2),
  • «Training of navigators at a long break in work» (regulation I/11),
  • «Training of skippers with naval education»

Study mode: Intramural.

Daily load: 8-10 hours.


  • Courses for the renewal of the diploma of the captain
  • Courses for renewal of the diploma of the senior assistant captain
  • Courses for the renewal of the diploma the watch mate
  • Seaport Captains Professional Development Course
  • Professional Development for Executives and Deputy Executives responsible for Navigation Safety

Other courses start as training groups enrollments are complete.

For more information visit Deck officers PDPTraining centre page

for information — courses for skippers are also held in MTCC

Makarov training centre courses

For more detailed information about the courses visit page or site of Makarov training centre